Medication For Safetys Sake

  • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about all medications you're taking, including over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements such as herbal products, and oral supplements. Some medications and supplements have harmful interactions.
  • Always take the medication as prescribed in the directions. If you don't take enough, or stop too soon, the medication may not work. Taking too much, too often can be dangerous. Depending on the medication, excessive amounts also may keep your body from absorbing essential nutrients or deplete your supply.
  • Always take medicine in a well-lighted place. Put on your glasses if you wear them! Otherwise you might take the wrong medication or the wrong amount.
  • Keep medicines in their original containers with the directions intact.
  • Only take medicines prescribed for you, even if your symptoms seem similar to someone else's.
  • Flush unused or expired medicines down the toilet.
  • With each checkup, review your medication plan with your doctor to make sure it's still right for you.
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