Looking for Healthy Solutions continued

Think healthful cooking takes too □ Yes much effort? □ No

Think eating out a lot keeps you from □ Yes eating right? □ No

Feel unsure if you're feeding your kids □ Yes right? □ No

Know that women have some special □ Yes nutrition issues, but not know what □ no they are?

Want to slow down the aging process? □ Yes

Want to "max" your sports □ Yes performance? □ No

Feel uncertain about your own (or □ Yes your teen's) approach to vegetarian □ No eating?

Think you have a food allergy or other □ Yes food sensitivity? □ No

Need help to reduce your risks for-or □ Yes deal with-specific health □ no problems?

Think you need a nutrient or an herbal □ Yes supplement, but you're not sure □ No what-and if?

For "Healthy Solutions," check here . . .

Chapter 13, "Kitchen Nutrition: Delicious Decisions,"for simple ways to healthier food "prep"-for more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fiber, and calcium, fewer calories, less saturated fats and trans fats, salt, and added sugars, and more.

Chapter 14, "Your Food Away from Home," to eat out (fast food, ethnic food, sit-down food) your way-and enjoy it, too!

Chapter 15, "Off to a Healthy Start," for baby-feeding basics.

Chapter 16, "Food to Grow On,"for strategies that work for helping your child or teen learn to eat for their good health-now and in the long run.

Chapter 17, "For Women Only,"for sound eating advice for pregnancy, breast-feeding, menopause, and more.

Chapter 18, "For Mature Adults: Healthful Eating!" for smart eating if you're age "fifty plus" or if you're caring for someone that age. (Check this whole book, too.)

Chapter 19, "Athlete's Guide: Winning Nutrition,"for ways to eat for your physical best: before, during, and after a workout.

Chapter20, 'The Vegetarian Way,"for practical advice, no matter what your approach to vegetarian eating.

Chapter 21, "Sensitive about Food," to deal with lactose intolerance, a food allergy, or other food sensitivities.

Chapter 22, "Smart Eating to Prevent and Manage Disease," for the healthful eating basics for common health problems-heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, among others. (This book also is filled with tips!)

Chapter 23, "Dietary Supplement: Use and Abuse," to sort through smart advice and misinformation about supplements.

Every "yes" is one more reason to use this book as your healthy eating resource!

Healthful Eating

The Basics

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