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  • if freezer burn on food is harmful? Freezer burn, which is the white, dried-out patches on improperly wrapped frozen food, won't make you sick, but it will make food tough and tasteless. To prevent freezer burn, wrap food that hasn't been previously frozen in proper freezer wrap (aluminum foil, heavy freezer paper, or plastic freezer bags), push the air out, then seal with freezer tape. Well-sealed freezer containers work, too; before putting on the lid, cover food with plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn from air inside the container. . . . if partially thawed food can be refrozen? Yes, with caution-if it still has ice crystals and has been kept in the refrigerator for one day or less. Quality may be lost with refreezing. Try cooking the food first, then refreezing it.
  • To thaw, especially small amounts, in a microwave oven, use the "defrost" setting. Once thawed, cook food right away. The time for microwave thawing depends on the amount of food you need to thaw.
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Green Smoothies

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