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the environment through the feces of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Contaminated water or ice usually is the source. Municipal water filtration controls this parasite; chlorine doesn't destroy it. Proper hand washing and food handling are extra controls you can take at home. People with compromised immune systems and children are among those at higher risk. See "Drinking Water: For Special Health Needs " in chapter 8.

Giardiasis, most often caused by drinking untreated water, also may be transmitted by uncooked food contaminated with Giardia or by passing the parasite from hand to hand on surfaces. In recent years, giardiasis has become one of the most common causes

Need more strategies for food safety? Check here for "how-tos":

  • Purify unsafe water—see chapter 8.
  • Buy pasteurized juice—see chapter 11.
  • Learn to eat out safely—see chapter 14.
  • Take food safety precautions when you travel—see chapter 14.

of waterborne disease among humans in the United States. Another source of gastrointestinal symptoms, it more likely strikes campers and hikers, travelers, diaper-age children who go to day-care centers, and others who drink untreated water from contaminated sources. Symptoms typically appear one to two weeks after infection and may last several weeks. Boiling

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

All You Wanted To Know About The Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets can be great way to not only lose weight but also led a much healthier, natural lifestyle in general. Most raw food diets are plant based with at least 75% of the diet composed of raw food.

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