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. . . if venison, rattlesnake, and buffalo are good choices from the Meat and Beans Group—or how about ostrich? Sure. Their nutrient content is similar to other meats. Their fat content varies. Many types of game-venison, bison, elk, moose, squirrel-are quite lean.

Ostrich tastes like red meat, even though it's poultry. From a nutritional standpoint, it's quite lean-fewer than 3 grams of fat in 3 ounces, which is less than beef round and chicken with skin. It's also a good source of protein and iron.

on green veggies, soups, and stews; walnuts and macadamia nuts in quick breads; or any nuts on cereal, lunchtime yogurt, or in trail mix.

• Try other alternatives: tofu, tempeh, veggie burgers, and other soy products.

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