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  • if a little "nip" of brandy will help fight a cold? On the contrary, if you have a cold or a chronic health problem that lowers your immunity, you're wise to abstain. Alcohol can impair the body's ability to fight infectious bacteria and may interfere with medication. . . . if an alcoholic drink will warm you up in cold weather? No. Alcohol tends to increase the body's heat loss, making people more susceptible to cold. If you're ice fishing, cross-country skiing, or watching outside winter sports, an alcoholic drink won't keep you warm. . . . what the term "80 Proof"means on a bottle of liquor? The term "Proof" indicates the amount of alcohol. The proof is twice the alcohol content. If a label on a bottle of liquor states "80 Proof," this means that the liquor contains 40 percent alcohol. The proof will vary depending on the type of liquor.
  • if a nightcap will help you sleep? It may put you to sleep, but not help you stay asleep-with the deep, restful sleep you need. A drink with dinner probably won't affect your sleep habits.
  • how much alcohol burns off or evaporates in cooking? That depends on the cooking time, temperature, and the amount of distilled spirits, wine, or beer used. Added to uncooked foods, the alcohol content doesn't change. However, added to boiling liquid at the end of cooking, about 85 percent of the alcohol may be retained, compared to only about 5 percent if the dish was braised for 2V2 hours. A flamed (flambĂ©) dish may retain about 75 percent of its alcohol content. . . . how cooking wine compares to regular table wine? Cooking wine is usually high in sodium. From a flavor standpoint, regular wine may be better.

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