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... if drinking water has much sodium? The amount of sodium in drinking water varies from place to place. Unless you're on a sodium-restricted diet, you don't need to be too concerned. If you need or wish to know the sodium content, contact your local water department.

A water softener may add significant amounts of sodium to your water-7 to 220 milligrams per quart. Talk to the manufacturer of the water softener to find out how much sodium it adds to your water supply.

  • if salting the cooking water speeds up the cooking? That's mostly urban legend. It's true that the boiling point of water may very slightly rise with added salt, but not enough for a noticeable difference. Salt added to cooking water will, however, make food saltier.
  • Keep your order simple. Order broiled or grilled meat—without salty seasonings—rather than entrées cooked in sauces. Often special sauces and toppings add sodium.

See chapter 14 for more on eating out.

mean. For the specific sodium content in a standard serving, check the Nutrition Facts.

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