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  • if "whole grain"is "high fiber"? And if "high fiber" is "whole grain"? In either case, not necessarily. First, the amount of fiber differs naturally in different types of grain, depending on their proportion of bran, germ, and endosperm. Other ingredients and moisture in whole-grain foods also affect fiber content. Second, high-fiber foods, such as bran cereals, may have more fiber even though they aren't whole grain. For fiber content, read the label's Nutrition Facts; if a label serving has 20 percent or more Daily Value, it's "high fiber." As another clue, check for a whole-grain labeling claim, described in chapter 11.
  • if cornmealis whole grain? Yes—but only if it's made with the whole corn kernel. Cornmeal that's labeled "degerminated" or "degermed" has been refined; it's not whole grain.
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