Hassle Free Shopping

As people get a little older, popping in and out of the supermarket may take more effort. Learn to shop without the hassles:

  • Start your shopping trip before you get to the store. Plan ahead. Make a grocery list, then you won't need to repeat your steps through the store.
  • Shop at quiet times, such as weekday mornings, when stores aren't crowded. Daytime shopping, when it's easier to see curbs and potholes, is safer anyway. If you must shop at night, pick a store with a well-lit parking lot, or ask someone to go with you.
  • Ask for help with your groceries. It's also extra security for you in the parking lot.
  • Feeling less stable? Use the shopping cart for balance—even to buy just a few items.
  • If you're less mobile, shop in stores with a battery-powered, sit-down grocery cart. It's a courtesy service that your supermarket may offer.
  • If you have trouble with night vision, shop during daylight hours.
  • Don't drive or use public transportation? Check with your local area Agency on Aging for shopping assistance. Your community may offer shopping transportation for senior citizens.
  • Keep an emergency supply of nonperishable foods on the shelf: nonfat dry milk or boxed milk, dried fruit, canned foods (fruit, vegetables, juice, tuna, soup, stew, beans), peanut butter, and cereal. Then you won't need to head to the store when it's raining or snowing.
  • If you have ideas to make shopping more convenient for older shoppers, talk with the store manager. With the growing numbers of older customers, they'll likely listen.
  • If you qualify, get a sticker for your car that lets you park in spots for the handicapped.
  • Ask about special services from your supermarket: home delivery or phone orders. If you're computer savvy, you might order online.
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