Gourmets Guide to Sauces

of beer, sake, or other distilled spirits)? Go easy on drinks. Enjoy them with your meal—slowly; share if you can. Have a designated driver.

• Trying to control calories? If you choose to resist rich desserts, don't even peek at the dessert tray. If you're tempted, share it with someone else. Order seasonal fruit, cappuccino, or sorbet instead.

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

Eating can "nourish" the soul as well as the body. In fact, eating out can be one of life's pleasures.

  • Take your palate on a taste adventure. Order something you've never tried before—or that you usually don't eat at home. Feeling cautious about something new? Try an appetizer portion.
  • Savor each bite and enjoy food—and the layers of flavor—at a leisurely pace.
  • If you eat with others, enjoy the social time. Make it a relaxing chance to be with your family and friends.

Check "Eating Out with Kids " in chapter 16.

• Seize the chance for culinary insights. Ask about the ingredients, flavors, and preparation of dishes on the menu.

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