Get Fit with a Friend

Is your teenager looking for something to do? Suggest these active ways to get fit with a friend—and have fun!

  • Do something active: play tennis, go in-line skating, go hiking, or enjoy dancing at a school function. Hint: You don't need a partner for line dancing.
  • Instead of talking on the phone, walk and talk with your friends.
  • Sign up for a school or community sports team. You don't need to "play varsity" for health benefits.
  • Join the marching band if you play a musical instrument. Try out for cheerleading, majorettes, or the pom-pom squad.
  • Volunteer as a stagehand for school plays. You'll get plenty of activity doing stage chores.
  • Do community service—perhaps at a community garden, home-building project, children's day camp, community clean-up, or animal center.
  • Baby-sit! Play actively with children.
  • Get a neighborhood job: mow lawns, shovel snow, wash cars, do yardwork.

For more physical activity ideas for teens, see "Twenty Everyday Ways to Get Moving" in chapter 2.

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