Functional Nutrition More to Learn

Phytonutrients aren't the only food substances with functional benefits. Check here to learn more:

  • quot;Prebiotics and Probiotics: What Are They?" in this chapter.
  • quot;Eat Your Omega-3s and -6s" in chapter 3.
  • quot;Stanol- and Sterol-Based Ingredients" in chapter 3.
  • quot;Sugar Alcohols: Sugar Replacers," about sugar alcohols, in chapter 5.
  • quot;Fiber: Your Body's Broom,"chapter 6.
  • Teatime: Health Benefits?" in chapter 8.
  • quot;Functional Foods: A New Wave" in chapter 9.
  • quot;A Toast to Heart Health"in chapter 22.
  • quot;Functional Foods: What Does Research Say?"in the Appendices.

enhance communication among body cells, cause cancer cells to die, detoxify carcinogens, and repair damage to DNA that's caused by smoking and other toxins. Yet the benefits and actions of phytonutrients are still uncertain. Do they work independently, together, with nutrients and fiber, or do their actions add up?

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