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Are you catching the age wave—or how about an older relative or a friend? Are you in the "sandwich generation"—in between caring for kids and older parents?

Due to better healthcare, longer life expectancy, and the aging of the baby boom generation, the number of mature American adults is on the rise. By 2010 ninety million Americans may be "fifty plus" mature adults, according to projections, with only seventy-four million age eighteen or under. And by 2030, people aged sixty-five or older are expected to make up 20 percent (compared to 12 percent in the mid-1990s) of the U.S. population, with the eighty-five-plus group projected to grow the fastest!

What is a "mature adult"? Actually, there's no one concise category to describe the diversity of "mature adults" whose ages span a half century—from their fifties into their hundreds. Many live a full, active lifestyle that differs little from life in their thirties or forties. Others are limited by health and lifestyle challenges that began at a younger age. Except for a few shifts in nutrient needs, overall health and attitude define aging more than calendar age does.

So, with what you know now, do you wish you were sixteen again? If so, would you make smarter food choices? Fit more physical activity into your life? Deal with stress better? Try to sleep more?

You can't change the past—or stop the clock. "Anti-aging" is impossible, but the choices made now or at any age and health condition can slow the changes and the challenges that come with getting older, and perhaps even extend youth. The results? Feeling good longer, and enjoying life now and in years to come. Sound good? Start now—to eat smarter and move more! Good lifestyle choices can be powerful influences on healthy aging!

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