Foods for All Seasons

Use herbs and spices in food preparation.

  • For baked chicken, fill the cavity with herbs and citrus peel—perhaps rosemary and sliced lemon—then roast it in the oven. Lemongrass or lemon-scented geranium leaves are nice, too.
  • Cook strong-flavored vegetables, such as cabbage, with savory to cut down on the strong aroma yet enhance the flavor.
  • Add flavor with herb and spice rubs. See ""Rub Combos" on this page. For a simple rub, just combine garlic and lemon pepper. Use herbed yogurt as a flavorful dip or vegetable topping. To get started, blend dill, parsley, chives, and garlic into low-fat yogurt.
  • Make no-fat marinades with an acid ingredient— vinegar or fruit juice—and herbs or spices. For example, combine orange juice and nutmeg. Splash herbed vinegar on salads and soups.
  • Flavor mineral water, iced tea, lemonade, and spritzers with the leaves of scented geraniums, sprigs of fresh herbs, or edible flowers. Allow enough time for the flavor infusion. For more about edible flowers, see ""Please Don't Eat the Daffodils " in this chapter.
  • Experiment with "reverse" flavors. Use a "sweet spice" with meat or poultry, and a savory herb in dessert. Try cinnamon in tomato sauce and rosemary in pound cake.
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