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Frozen skillet meals, bagged salad mixes, or marinated ready-to-cook beef roast for convenience . . . almond milk, ostrich tenderloin, blue potatoes, or doughnut-shaped peaches for something new . . . hummus, guavajuice, or pad Thai for ethnic adventure . . . multigrain cereal with flaxseed, orjuice with added antioxidants for their health benefits. You'll find these foods alongside your traditional favorites in today's supermarkets.

When it comes to food choices, consumers in the United States seem to have more variety of food to choose from every year—and more ways to eat for health. A single supermarket stocks, on average, about fifty thousand different items, including nonfood items. In a typical year, about ten thousand new food products may be introduced in the marketplace. Yet only about 2 percent make it past the consumer cut.

When you eat away from home, you may notice that some fast-food menus are offering more variety, along with more whole-grain, fruit, and vegetable choices, and more grilled, broiled, steamed, and stir-fried, not just fried, food anymore. Many supermarkets sell fully prepared meals. Traditional restaurant menus and recipes for at-home cooking reflect an interest in healthful eating, ethnic cuisine, flavor, local ingredients, and a blending (or fusion) of ingredients and cooking styles.

More choices mean more decisions and more for you to know about your food supply.

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