Food to Grow On

Food nourishes at every age and stage in a child's life: infancy, the toddler and preschool years, school-age years, and adolescence. Careful food choices not only help ensure the physical nourishment of a child's growing body but also nourish his or her social, mental, and psychological development. Childhood is also a time to establish patterns of healthful eating and active living that lead to health and wellness—from childhood on.

Whatever the age, children and teens need the same nutrients as adults. Only the amounts differ. Like you, they need energy from food—but more relative to their body weight. They enjoy many of the same foods you like, but the form and combinations may differ.

Your challenge as a parent or a caregiver? First, be a good role model for healthful eating and active living for kids. After all, parents and other caregivers are a child's first and most influential teachers. Second, support your child's chances to make wise food choices and enjoy food. It's up to you to recognize and respect his or her unique needs, to make a variety of nourishing, appropriate foods available, and to set a routine (time and place) for eating. Your child has responsibilities: learning skills to make sound food choices, listening to body cues to learn to eat the right amount, and making active play part of daily living!

You have more influence on your child or teen's food choices and daily living patterns than you may think. When you take care of yourself (eat smart and move more), you care for your child and family!

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