Food Neophobia

Enjoying more variety of fruits, vegetables, and grain products puts more nutrients and phyto-nutrients on your plate! Measure your sense of food adventure.

1. How would you describe your willingness to try new foods?

I don't experiment. 1

I'll try if offered. 2

I'm a willing adventurer. 3

2. When was the last time you bought an unfamiliar vegetable or fruit at the store?

Last year or longer 1

Last month 2

Last week 3

I'm rarely aware of it. 1

I give it a try after it's been on the market a while. 2

I try it right away-if it matches my needs. 3

4. I try to eat a wide variety of foods.

Never 1

Sometimes 2

Almost always 3

5. I look for new ways to prepare familiar foods . . . perhaps from cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, TV, Web sites or from friends.

Never 1

Sometimes 2

All the time 3

6. The variety of foods becoming available due to today's agriculture . . .

Doesn't interest me 1

Mildly interests me 2

Intrigues me 3

or fruits—perhaps Mediterranean tabouli (bulgur salad) or cucumber-yogurt dip, Japanese sukiyaki (stir-fried meat and vegetables) with udon noodles, Brazilian black bean soup, or vegetarian curries from India. Check food TV, and culinary magazines and Web sites.

Do You Have It?

7. When was the last time you ate at an ethnic restaurant (other than Italian, Chinese, or Mexican)?

Last year or longer 1

Within the past six months 2

Within the past month 3 8. If preparing an Italian meal, I would make . . .

Spaghetti noodles 1 Spaghetti noodles or some other type of pasta (e.g., whole wheat) 2

Any type of pasta, polenta, or risotto 3

How did you fare? Add up your points.

Now Score Yourself

20 to 24: You're probably a "foodie" who enjoys food adventure and flavor. Being a food adventurer adds variety-along with more than forty different nutrients and hundreds of phytonutrients-for your good health.

13 to 19: You're open to experiencing new foods . . . a healthy attitude toward eating! Be aware that the same food may taste different to different people, perhaps because they have a different number of taste buds. That may be why some people like spicy-hot flavors and others don't.

8 to 12: You're more comfortable with your "tried and true." But does your cautious approach mean missing out on a variety of nutritious foods? Don't be surprised if you don't like a food the first time you taste it. The more often you try a food, the more familiar it gets-and often, the more you like it!

Read on for new foods to add to your plate.

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