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Your life is filled with choices! Every day you make thousands of choices, many related to food. Some seem trivial. Others are important. A few may even set the course of your life. But as insignificant as a single choice may seem, made over and over, it can have a major impact on your health—and your life!

This book is about choices—those you, your family, and your friends make every day about food, nutrition, and health. Within its pages, you'll find reliable nutrition information and sound advice, based on scientific evidence. It offers you practical ways to make healthful food choices in almost any situation and at every phase of life. And it encourages you to enjoy the pleasures of food. After all, taste is the number one reason most people choose one food over another.

Most important, the practical tips and flexible guidelines on its pages help you choose nutritious, flavorful foods to match your own needs, preferences, and lifestyle—even as your life and family situation change. Eating for health is one of the wisest decisions you'll ever make!

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