Ensuring Your Food Supply

The United States' food supply offers a safe, plentiful variety of food—anywhere, at any time of year. Compared with other nations, eating in the United States costs less: about 10 percent of our income, compared with 14 percent in Europe, 21 percent in Japan, and 48 percent in China! Even though food

Need more strategies to enjoy the food variety from today's marketplace? Check here for "how-tos":

  • Use label claims to get clued in to foods' nutrient benefits—see chapter 11.
  • Know how to fit all kinds of foods—including less common fruits, veggies, and grain products—into your eat-smart plan—see chapter 10.
  • Add more food variety, perhaps functional ingredients, in your food "prep"—see chapter 13.
  • Be more adventurous with food when you eat out—see chapter 14.

safety remains a consumer concern, strict regulations safeguard the U.S. food supply and minimize potential health risks.

Modern methods of agriculture, food processing, biotechnology, and transportation systems work together to put food on your table. The average U.S. farmer feeds you plus 127 other people here and in other nations; just 75 years ago, 1 farmer fed only 20 people. Still, hunger is a serious problem in the United States and certainly throughout the world.

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