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If the sight of certain foods puts your mind into a tail-spin, you may need to readjust your approach to eating. An overly restrictive diet may "feed" a food craving-and set you up to overindulge!

The jury is still out on the true cause of food cravings. It may be physiological, psychological, or both. We don't yet know if food cravings are linked to a need to resupply the body with nutrients it lacks, or if cravings are reinforced by positive emotional and social links to certain foods.

Studies suggest that avoiding certain foods altogether often makes them irresistible. The result? Giving in to a food craving, and perhaps overeating. Then guilt creeps in, and people try to resist those foods once again, only to overindulge and feel guilty again.

What's a better approach? Eat a small portion of any food you enjoy-even if it's higher in fat or calories. Even when you're trying to shed pounds, you can enjoy some high-calorie foods as long as your eating plan is healthful, and you eat fewer calories overall than your body uses. As another option, try to satisfy your palate with a low-fat, low-calorie version.

of eating. Since people usually don't stay with them, there's usually no long-term weight loss. They also may result in fatigue, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, or hair loss. For people with some health problems, such as insulin-dependent diabetes or kidney disease, a very-low-calorie liquid diet can be harmful.

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