Diets That Dont Work

Every year Americans spend billions of dollars on the weight-loss industry—often for diet plans, diet books, services, and gimmicks that don't work! The lure of quick, easy weight loss is hard to resist, especially for those unwilling to make a commitment to lifelong behavioral change. Although the diets are ineffective in the long run, weight-loss hopefuls willingly give the next craze a chance. The result? Perhaps temporary results. But overall, wasted money, weight regained, a feeling of failure, and perhaps damage to health.

The next craze is often a past craze that's simply resurfaced with a new name, a new twist, yet still no sound science to back up the claims. Fad diets typically rely on nonscientific, unproved claims, personal stories, testimonials, or poorly controlled studies. Not surprisingly, many people feel confusion and diet fatigue as they sort through contradictory popular approaches to weight loss. Sound familiar? For those who try one fad diet after another, weight cycling becomes a common, frustrating problem. See "Weight Cycling—The 'Yo-Yo'Problem" earlier in this chapter.

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