Determine the Warning Signs of Poor Nutrition

If you're a mature adult, or if you care for someone older, be alert for these warning signs of poor nutrition. They spell the word "determine." Anyone with three or more of these risk factors should consult a doctor, a registered dietitian (RD), or other healthcare professional:

Disease Eating poorly Tooth loss or mouth pain Economic hardship Reduced social contact Multiple medicines Involuntary weight loss or gain Needs assistance in self-care Elder years above age eighty

Source: Reprinted with permission by the Nutrition Screening Initiative, a project of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Dietetic Association, and the National Council on Aging, Inc., and funded in part by a grant from Ross Products Division, Abbott Laboratories Inc.

These warning signs suggest risk but don't diagnose any health condition.

Meals nutes

Meals nutes

Check the clock. You can prepare this nutritious, flavorful supper without much effort!

  • Place a sliced red or white potato and sliced carrots into a small baking dish sprayed with vegetable oil spray. Toss with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and V2 teaspoon of crushed rosemary or basil, or your favorite herbs. Bake at 350° F for about thirty minutes, until tender.
  • In another small baking dish, place a chicken breast or two smaller pieces of chicken. Sprinkle with lemon juice or Italian salad dressing before placing it into the oven. Check the internal temperature; the chicken's done when it reaches 170° F.
  • Set the table. Relax with a book or television for about twenty minutes.

Spoon canned apricot halves into a dish.

Take out a whole-wheat dinner roll.

Pour a tall glass of refreshing milk.

Enjoy your dinner!

bine with tomato sauce. Serve over pasta on one day, over rice the next, and freeze the rest for later.

  • Freeze homemade soups, stews, lasagna, and other casserole dishes in single-serving containers. Then thaw enough for one or two meals at a time. Label and date your packages to track what's in the freezer.
  • For easy-to-prepare salads, wash, tear, and dry salad greens. Then store them in a plastic container for three or four days. Or purchase pre-washed and cut salad greens in a bag. So when you want a salad, just top greens with sliced tomatoes, grated carrots, sliced deli meat, cheese, or canned kidney beans. Serve with milk, whole-wheat bread, and canned fruit.
  • Visit the supermarket salad bar for single servings of washed and chopped fruits and vegetables.
Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

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