Culinary Lingo

Braise: to simmer over low heat in liquid-water, broth, or even fruit juice-in a covered pot for a lengthy time Broil: to cook with direct heat, usually under a heating element in the oven Grill: to cook with direct heat directly over hot coals or another heat source Panbroil: to cook uncovered in a preheated, nonstick skillet without added fat or water Poach: to cook gently in liquid, just below boiling Roast: to cook uncovered with dry heat in the oven Sauté: to cook quickly in a small amount of fat, stirring so the food browns evenly Simmer: to cook slowly in liquid, just below boiling Steam: to cook with steam heat over (not in) boiling water, or wrapped in foil or leaves (such as lettuce or banana leaves) packets, over boiling water or on a grill

Stew: to cook in liquid, such as water, juice, wine, broth, or stock, in a tightly covered pot over low heat Stir-fry: to cook small pieces of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and/or vegetables in a very small amount of oil, perhaps with added broth, over very high heat, stirring as you cook just know-how. For example, skim fat that collects on stews, scrub rather than peel fiber-rich potato skins, skip salt in cooking water, or oven-bake frozen French fries rather than fry them.

3. Reduce portion sizes. If a recipe is high in calories, fats, or sugars, try serving less. For example, instead of !/4 cup of cheese sauce on a baked potato, use just two tablespoons—and add some steamed, chopped vegetables and/or herbs for flavor. Trick the eye so less looks like more. Serve smaller portions on smaller plates. That's a calorie trimmer!

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