Cow Milk When What Type

As a great source of calcium and other nutrients, cow milk is an ideal food for toddlers, children, and adults. However, it isn't appropriate for infants younger than twelve months of age. While some infant formulas are made from cow milk, it's been modified for infants.

Unmodified cow milk isn't the best food for young infants for several reasons. Its high protein content is hard for a baby's immature system to digest and process. The potassium and sodium contents also are higher than recommended for babies. Cow milk is low in iron; the iron it does contain isn't absorbed well. And it doesn't provide enough zinc, vitamins C and E, copper, and essential fatty acids-nutrients that babies need to grow and develop.

Goat milk isn't a suitable alternative either, for many of the same reasons as cow milk. If you choose to offer goat milk after age one, make sure it's vitamin D fortified. To clear up a misconception, babies who are allergic to the protein in cow milk are probably allergic to the protein in goat milk, too.

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