Build MyPyramid Your

  • Make MyPyramid yours. Using your age, gender, and activity level, get an estimate of your daily calorie needs and how much food you need from each food group. See "MyPyramid: Food Intake Patterns" in the Appendices. The beauty of MyPyramid is its adaptability. As you get older or your activity level changes, simply adjust your plan to match your calorie target.
  • Stay within your day's calorie (food energy) budget. Find your balance between the right amount of food and your physical activity to reach or maintain your healthy weight. Choose "extra" discretionary calories to keep within your calorie budget. Move more to "spend" more! And learn to fit foods you enjoy into your smart eating plan while sticking to your calorie budget.
  • Track your progress. Go online,, to use MyPyra-mid Tracker. Type in what you eat and drink and your physical activity level to see how your food choices and physical activity stack up against your goals.
  • Look inside MyPyramid. Get familiar with foods in each food group, recommended amounts, and smart, easy ways to follow the advice.
  • Take it one step at a time. Modify your food choices and physical activity gradually. That may be easier than overhauling your whole eating plan and lifestyle at one time. Perhaps start with a change in one meal or snack, just one food group, or one active living strategy today. Then move on gradually from there toward a healthier you.

Eating smart isn't just for today! To keep fit, you need For some ^uick insights, give yourself a nutrition to make wise food choices for a lifetime. A few checkuP with '"Pummg MyPymmd . . . Mo Yow thoughts before you start: pyramid!" onpage 232.

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