Boosting Phytonutrient Benefits

Research suggests that what you do in the kitchen can make a difference in food's phytonutrients benefits.

  • Cooking or food processing may enhance the body's ability to use (bioavailability) some phytonutrients. Carotenoids (including lycopene) are one example. In addition, dietary fat may enhance the absorption of carotenoids; dietary fiber impedes it.
  • Heat damages anthocyanins, which are flavonoids. On the flip side, the anthocyanin content may increase in fresh fruit if it's stored for a few days.
  • Flaxseed needs to be crushed or ground to get the benefits.
  • For the most benefit from tea's polyphenols, brew each cup fresh (preferably in water that's not hard) and drink it soon. Three to five minutes of brewing for one tea bag brings out 80 percent of the cate-chins, which are flavonoids.
  • Chop garlic for about fifteen minutes before heating to allow allyl sulfides to fully develop.
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