Be careful to note allergenic ingredients

For example, for a tree nut allergy: Ground nuts added to a muffin batter or a breading mix may go unnoticed. Even a bottle of gourmet barbecue sauce may have nuts! For a fish allergy: Bottled fish sauce in a stir-fry, Worcestershire sauce, or salad dressing could be an undetected problem. Anchovies flavor some Italian foods, such as caponata. For an egg allergy: Sometimes eggs are used to hold meatballs and fish croquettes together. For a soy allergy: Soy flours and soy protein are used in increasingly more baked goods and other prepared foods.

For a milk allergy: Milk protein is in many brands of tuna. Currently many foods labeled as "nondairy" have casein, a milk derivative. Meat may have casein as a binder.

become second nature. Find a cookbook or online source of allergen-free recipes. You may need to experiment to find substitutions that work.

• Be careful with cooking and serving to avoid any cross-contact between the food allergen and foods prepared without the allergenic ingredient. See "Allergen-Free: Sharpen Your Cooking Skills " on page 539. The same rule applies elsewhere—for example, for a milk allergy, avoid deli meats since cheese and meat may be cut with the same slicer.

Eating Allergen-Free away from Home

For food allergy sufferers, eating away from home can be the greatest challenge. You're not in control of the ingredients or the food preparation:

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