Babys Bottle Feeding Routine

Newborns eat frequently in the first months after birth—perhaps every two hours! Since their stomachs are small, just 2 ounces, or as many as 4 ounces of infant formula, may be enough for the early feedings. See "How Much Formula?" on page 386for guidelines during the first twelve months.

Formula-fed babies usually need twenty to thirty minutes to finish a bottle. If it takes less than fifteen minutes for a newborn to finish a bottle, use a nipple with smaller holes. If it takes longer and if the baby

Need more parenting tips for feeding your baby? Check here for "how-tos":

  • Look ahead to toddler and preschool feeding—see chapter 16.
  • Eat smart during pregnancy and breastfeeding—see chapter 17.
  • Know signs of food allergies or intolerances—see chapter 21.
  • Find a nutrition expert experienced in infant feeding—see chapter 24.
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