Anemia More than One Cause

Although most common, iron deficiency isn't the only cause of anemia. Deficiencies in vitamin B12

or folate are other nutrition-related causes. Anemia also may result from large blood loss, hereditary defects in blood cells (sickle-cell anemia), liver disease that affects body processes that use iron, infections, or congestive heart failure. "Sports anemia" isn't really anemia; see "Have You Ever Wondered. . . if heavy training causes 'sports anemia'?" in chapter 19.

atrophic gastritis, or the surgical removal of part of the stomach or small intestine.

What's intrinsic factor? It's a body chemical, produced in the stomach, that helps your body absorb vitamin B12 in the intestine. If gastric juices lack intrinsic factor, perhaps for genetic reasons, or if the secretion of stomach juices is impaired, vitamin B12 can't be

Anemia: Linked to Vitamin B12

Anemia from a vitamin B12 deficiency doesn't have a single cause; it's not just poor eating, or although uncommon, a low intake of vitamin B12. More often, it's pernicious anemia, caused by poor vitamin B12 absorption—perhaps due to lack of intrinsic factor,

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