Allergen Free Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

Preparing dishes without allergenic foods seems obvious. Just leave the ingredient out of the recipe or off the plate! However, a few other "how-tos" can help ensure a reaction-free meal or snack:

• Use different and clean utensils (including knives and spatulas), containers, cutting boards, and serving utensils for foods prepared without the food allergen.

For example, for a peanut allergy: Just wiping off a knife used to spread peanut butter isn't enough. Use a clean, separate knife for the next ingredient, perhaps jelly, you spread. The same holds true for cleaning a blender after making an ice cream shake with peanut ingredients.

• Use different oils to cook allergenic and nonaller-genic foods. Frying doesn't destroy allergens.

For example, for a seafood allergy: Use different cooking oil in a clean frying pan to deep-fry shrimp rather than what you used to make French fries or other foods. Serve them on a separate plate with different utensils, too.

How To Win Your War Against Allergies

How To Win Your War Against Allergies

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