Aged to Perfection

It's no secret: how you eat—and how active you are— have plenty to do with your biological age. For healthy, mature adults, the Dietary Guidelines, described in chapter 1, and MyPyramid, described in chapter 10, serve as sound, credible advice for healthful eating. Thirty minutes of moderate physical activity each day are now recommended as a smart lifestyle choice.

Smart food choices and active living today may help you feel younger, stay healthier, more productive and self-sufficient, enjoy a higher quality of life— and even prevent, or at least delay, health problems that often come with aging. See "How 'Old'Are You? Bio-markers of Age" on page 459.

Of course, life and health change gradually as the years go by. Yet for each of us, getting older differs. And diversity describes every decade of the mature years: "fifty plus," "seventy plus," even "ninety plus"!

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Green Smoothies

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