At every phase in developing the American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, I've been grateful and indebted to the many professionals, colleagues, and friends—in the fields of nutrition and dietetics; health, family and consumer sciences; food science; culinary arts; education; public policy; and communications—who have shared their knowledge, experience, and expertise throughout my career, and certainly during the development of this book. I'm especially grateful to:

The American Dietetic Association, for the honor of writing this book on behalf of the association's approximately 65,000 members.

Betsy Hornick, editor and registered dietitian, on behalf of ADA Publications, for her nutrition expertise, editorial guidance, and commitment to excellence at every phase in the development of this book in all three editions . . . and for her ongoing friendship.

ADA staff for this third edition: Diana Faulhaber, Publisher, ADA Director of Book Publishing; Krisan Matthews, Editorial Assistant; and Kristen Short, Acquisition Editor, who provided the opportunity to update this consumer-focused, healthy-eating book; and to the ADA staff who previously supported the first and second editions. The ADA Knowledge Center, Sharon Denny, Eleese Cunningham, and Wendy Marcason for their assistance and review to help ensure the scientific accuracy. ADA's Marketing, Communications and Corporate Relations Team for the many promotional efforts for the book.

ADA members—with expertise as either a registered dietitian or a dietetic technician, registered—and nutrition experts who volunteered countless hours to review manuscripts for content accuracy, clarity, and comprehensiveness:

  • To those who provided their unique expertise as reviewers of the second and/or third editions: Keith-Thomas Ayoob, Elizabeth Baily, Leila Beker, Susan Borra, Ann Bouchoux, Felicia Busch, Maureen Callahan, Beverly Clevidence, Sheila Cohen, Mildred Cody, Eleese Cunningham, Sharon Denny, Connie Diekman, Colleen Doyle, Robert Earl, Deborah Fillman, Susan Finn, Lorri Fishman, Julie Fulton, Molly Gee, Shelley Goldberg, Barbara Gollman, Monica Gourovitch, Patricia Harper, Laura Hatch, Dayle Hayes, Beverly Henry, Edith Hogan, Lenore Hodges, Sherri Hoyt, Barbara Ivens, Judith Jarvis, Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, Lisa Kelly, Cynthia Kupper, Carolyn Mar-golis, Linda McDonald, Elaine McLaughlin, Julie O'Sullivan Maillet, Reed Mangels, Wendy Mar-cason, Jacqueline Marcus, Mildred Mattfeldt-Beman, Libby Mills, Farida Mohamedshah, Marlene Most, Beth Ogata, Tammie Otterstein, Anne Piatek, Christine Polisena, Linda Rhodes-Pauly, Christine Rosenbloom, Joan Rothenberg, Diane Quagliani, Allison Sarubin, Lana Shepek, Joanne Slavin, Ceci Snyder, Cathie Squatrito, Patti Steinmuller, Kim Stitzel, Cindi Thomson, Cheryl Toner, and Mary Young
  • To those who reviewed the first edition: Susan

Borra, Julie Burns, Mary Carey, Suzanne Havala,

Dayle Hayes, Marsha Hudnall, Sue Murvich,

Nancy Schwartz, Madeleine Sigman-Grant, and

Ann Semenske

Sherri Hoyt, colleague and registered dietitian, for her written contributions on food sensitivity, infant and child feeding, and nutrition during pregnancy and breast-feeding for the first edition.

Dietetic students for their careful fact checking: Sehr Jangda, Adrienne Kraemer, Grace Lange, and Kristan Pierce.

Registered dietitians and other food, nutrition, and health professionals in government agencies, food industry, and educational institutions throughout the country, who served as ongoing resources and insightful experts.

Many friends and family who have reviewed the manuscript from their unique consumer and professional perspectives: Ann Hagan Brickman, Linda Carpenter, Julie Duyff, Phil Duyff, Patty Fletcher, Karen Marshall, Patricia McKissack, and Linda Valiga.

Organizations that granted permission for the use of supporting illustrations and graphics.

The fine team of editors, designers, and staff at John Wiley & Sons, including Tom Miller, Christel Winkler, Teryn Kendall, Juliet Grames, and John Simko, who handled the editing and production; the design team at Navta Associates; as well as the John Wiley publishing team for the second edition and the Chron-imed Publishing team responsible for its first edition.

Edith Syrjala Eash, Diva Sanjur, and Hazel Spitze, who encouraged my early career as a registered dietitian and as an educator focused on food, nutrition, and health.

Anne Piatek, colleague and culinary dietitian, for encouraging me to write this healthful eating, science-based book for consumers and professionals.

The many readers, media representatives, and colleagues who've called this book their "bible" of nutrition from its first edition, and who've shared ideas for subsequent editions.

My family, especially my mother, Jeane Larson, and my friends, who shared their support, understanding, and encouragement—and my family, who always encouraged the pursuit of life-long learning, commitment to accuracy and a balanced viewpoint, and the joy of educating others.

My husband, Phil, who read every chapter in all three editions for clarity and consumer friendliness . . . and offered the sensitivity and loving support I needed to write this book.

To your health!

Roberta L. Duyff, MS, RD, FADA, CFCS Author/Food and Nutrition Consultant Duyff Associates, St. Louis, Mo.

About the Author . . . An award-winning author, national speaker, media writer, and food industry/ government consultant, Roberta L. Duyff, MS, RD, FADA, CFCS, promotes the "power of positive nutrition" to consumers of all ages with practical, science-based, great-tasting ways to eat and stay active for health.

Among her books, Roberta has authored three other titles for ADA, including 365 Days of Healthy Eating from theAmerican Dietetic Association, as well as Nutrition and Wellness (a high school text) and several children's healthy eating books. She was the guiding force behind and contributor to the American Dietetic Association Cooking Healthy Across America cookbook as Chair of ADA's Food & Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group. She has been recognized with ADA's prestigious Medallion Award for professional excellence, as an ADA Fellow, and with ADA's First Annual President's Lecture.

Unless otherwise noted, the nutrient and calorie data in this book were derived from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, 2005. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 18.

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