Fluid Asset

Water is the most abundant substance in the human body as well as the most common substance on earth. Like the oxygen you breathe, you can't live without it.

On average, body weight is 45 to 75 percent water— or for many, about 10 to 12 gallons of water. The specific percentage varies from person to person, relating to body composition, age, and gender, among other factors.

Compared with body fat, lean tissue holds much more water, so the leaner you are, the higher proportion of water in your body. Males, with more muscle, carry a higher percentage of water in their bodies than females do. And younger individuals usually have more than older adults. Water accounts for about 75

percent of a newborn's weight, while the amount dwindles in the elderly to about 50 percent.

Body tissues of all types contain water—some more than others. The fact that blood contains water is certainly no surprise; your blood is about 83 percent water. Lean muscle tissue is about 73 percent water; body fat, about 25 percent. Even though bones seem hard, they, too, contain water, about 22 percent by weight.

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