What Snacks are Best for Different Occasions

In the following charts, examples of snacks are provided. Some of the snacks are part of military rations, and should (could) be used during training or mission maneuvers. Other snacks may not be realistic in the field, but are good choices if you are able to be more selective in what you choose.

If you need to stay up at night you should select a snack that is low in fatt high in carbohydrate (CHO)y and provides some or a moderate amount of protein. You want to avoid foods that are 100% CHO. Sports bars would be ideal snacks for night operations. Also, crackers (or other forms of bread) with egg salad, mashed beans, jelly, tuna, or low fat cream, cheese, would be suitable. Finally, some of the protein/CHO beverages described in Chapter 6 would be suitable for night time operations.

Operations at Night

Table 7-2. Snacks to Eat During Night Time


Sports Bars

Fruit Bars

Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Proiein/CKO Beverage

Trail Mix

Crackers with Jelly or Cheese

H eoi thy SnackifĂ­g

The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

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