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It is okay for pregnant women and women who may become pregnant to eat other fish as long as they limit total fish consumption to no more than two times per week (2 [6-ounce] portions). Canned tuna is the most popular choice among the fish eating population. The recommendation remains 12 ounces per week (about two large cans, or two portions of fresh tuna). Mercury levels of canned and fresh tuna are about one third of that found in shark and swordfish.

For updates on the latest information in your area, contact the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for current advice on fish consumption from fresh lakes and streams. Also check with your state or local health department to see if there are special advisories on fish caught from waters in your local area. Furthermore, you can contact "Risks of Mercury in Seafood" by calling 1-888-safefood #9.

What is Gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is the onset of high blood sugar (or carbohydrate intolerance) that is generally detected around the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy. Because this condition is caused by the placenta putting out large doses of anti-insulin hormones, as soon as the placenta is removed (during the baby's delivery), the condition disappears in almost all cases. Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes have very specific dietary concerns and should work with a qualified nutritionist (registered dietitian) on appropriate meal planning.

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