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Use: Some women take this for PMS and menopausal symptoms, but nothing has been clinically verified in humans. (However, it is big in Europe.) It suppresses the leutinizing hormone and therefore helps control hormone surges that cause discomforting menopausal symptoms. Relieving physical symptoms can lead to improving the emotional symptoms. In other words, some women get entirely depressed because they feel so physically lousy. Improve the hot flushes, bloating, etc., and the depression can sometimes improve.

Dosage: Tincture, 10-60 drops. As tea, 1-2 grams. Note: Do not use with estrogenpositive cancers; long-term usage is not recommended.

Tincture is a liquid extract that utilizes a combination of ethyl alcohol and water as the solvent. The advantages of using tinctures are that they have an increased shelf life and do not have to be refrigerated. The disadvantages are that they contain alcohol, which is a problem for people who abstain and for children—and they do not taste pleasant.

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