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Mediated Absorption of Free Amino Acids

What Foods Have Amino Acids

Molecular and functional properties of proteins capable of biochemically defined free amino acid transport 'system' activities As indicated in Fig. 3.1, the mediated absorption of free amino acids across both apical and basolateral membranes is critical to the assimilation of luminal proteins. Remarkably, within the last 12 years, cDNA have been generated that encode proteins for six anionic, four cationic, 11 neutral, and five neutral and cationic free amino acid transporters. Except for...

Amino Acids

An understanding of the chemical and structural features of amino acids, peptides, and proteins is essential from a number of perspectives. For nutritionists, there is the need to appreciate the essential nature of amino acids and the dietary aspects of peptides and proteins as nutrients. There is also the obvious importance of amino acids, peptides, and proteins as informational and regulatory molecules. This chapter focuses on the chemical characteristics of amino acids and their role in...

Tryptophan Isoleucine Valine and Arginine

A semipurified diet Table 13.2 based on AA-fortified maize gluten meal CGM was developed in our laboratory Peter et al., 2000 for use in studying the requirements for several AA. True digestibility of AA was determined in the high-protein CGM sample used Table 13.3 , and the same sample of CGM was used for all AA bioassays. Using 10.7 g kg-1 digestible lysine as a requirement reference point Han and Baker, 1991, 1993 , the CGM basal diet was fortified with essential AA so that all essential AA...

The Acid and Base Characteristics of Amino Acids

When an amino acid is titrated i.e., exposed to an acid or base , the resulting reactions can be described by a titration curve. The shape of this curve is influenced by the types and number of the functional groups capable of reacting with or exchanging a hydrogen ion. In an amino acid such as alanine, there are two titratable groups Fig. 2-4 . At a low pH i.e., a high hydrogen ion concentration , both the amino group and the carboxylic acid group of alanine are protonated. As a result,...

The metabolism of amino acids

Urea Synthesis From Valine

An adult has a requirement for a dietary intake of protein because there is continual oxidation of amino acids as a source of metabolic fuel and for gluconeogenesis in the fasting state. In the fed state, amino acids in excess of immediate requirements for protein synthesis are oxidized. Overall, for an adult in nitrogen balance, the total amount of amino acids being metabolized will be equal to the total intake of amino acids in dietary proteins. Amino acids are also required for the synthesis...

Anavolics The Science Behind Cell Volumization

Arginine Side Effects

A navolics is a term I coined that's de- w rived from two words, anabolic and g volume. Perhaps it makes some sense m that as a tissue, specifically muscle, M grows anabolic , it will take up more space volume . As a review of the published studies indicates, however, that may be putting the cart before the horse. It appears that an increase in volume occurs first, and the anabolic process follows. Very few supplements are anabolic. Frankly, the only ones that have shown any mass-building...

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