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Using your food records and the food labels you saved, answer the following questions:

Do you drink "empty" calories such as soda on a regular basis? (If you are eating a food daily or every other day, that can be considered "on a regular basis.")

Do you eat foods with a lot of added sugar (cake, cookies, candy) on a regular basis?

Do you use butter or other forms of saturated fat (lard, shortening, margarine with trans fat, tropical oils) on a regular basis?

Do you regularly add sauces containing saturated fat to the foods you eat?

Do the processed foods you eat, such as crackers and cookies, contain trans fat?

What is the saturated-fat content of the processed foods you are eating?

You should now have a very clear picture of what you are eating—the good, the bad, and the ugly. The next section will show you how to get less of the ugly and more of the good into your diet.

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