Gluten Free Products Made with Beans

Breakfast Cereal

Heartland's Finest CerOs, made with pinto bean flour— original, cinnamon, raspberry (Heartland's Finest,


Arrowhead Mills—soy flour (Arrowhead Mills, arrowheadmills .com)

Authentic Foods—Garfava flour, garbanzo bean flour (Authenic Foods,

Bob's Red Mill—black-bean flour, fava bean flour, garbanzo bean flour, garbanzo and fava bean flour (Bob's Red Mill,

Heartland's Finest—whole navy bean flour, whole pinto bean flour (Heartland's Finest,


Adrienne's Papadini Lentil Bean Pasta—penne, rotini, orzo, linguini, spaghetti, conchigliette (Adrienne's, adriennes

Heartland's Finest Navy Bean Flour Pasta—elbow macaroni, spaghetti, linguini, rotini, ziti (Heartland's Finest,

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