Adding Gluten Free Whole Grains to Your Diet

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You may not be familiar with (much less have tried) the gluten-free whole grains quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, teff, or sorghum. Nonetheless, these grains really are delicious and easy to cook and bake with. See Chapter 6 for delicious recipes incorporating gluten-free whole grains. To familiarize yourself with these grains, you may want to take the following advice:

  • Each week, choose a new grain to experiment with. If you like to bake, purchase a small bag of flour as well as a small box of the whole grain or seed. Many producers of gluten-free whole grains sell starter packs to help consumers experiment with their products. See Appendix C for retail sources of whole grains.
  • Cook the grain, using the recipe provided on the side of the box. Or use a basic pilaf recipe, using the new grain you are trying in place of the rice. For added flavor, use gluten-free chicken or vegetable stock in place of water.
  • Spend some time really tasting the cooked grain, thinking about what flavors and foods it would go well with.
  • If you like to bake, try substituting the new flour for whatever flour you usually use when baking bread, muffins, or baked goods. Again, spend some time really tasting the baked good, thinking about what flavors it would go well with.

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