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If your goal is muscle gain, the need to drink more water cannot be stressed enough. Water is grossly underestimated in importance and value with regard to helping you gain muscle and burn fat. Most people are chronically dehydrated. They make the mistake of thinking that a sugary sports drink or soda is actually quenching their thirst, when in fact it's making their condition worse.

If you are dehydrated, your body cannot function efficiently. It slows your metabolism, drains your energy and slows circulation to reduce the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This in turn stops protein synthesis. In short, you won't be able to repair damaged muscle or build new muscle. Anyone who is training hard cannot afford to allow this to happen.

I carry around a big water bottle so that I can drink from it throughout the day. Chugging the water all at once won't help re-hydrate you. It must be a gradual, consistent process. Drinking water throughout the day will ensure proper and consistent hydration. Proper hydration will also make your muscles look more "pumped" instead of flat.

A good rule is to drink an ounce amount equal to 0.66 times your bodyweight. So, if you weight, 140lbs, you would try to drink 92oz of water each day. I usually make it easy for myself and just try to get about 1 gallon per day. That's 128 oz. It's a lot to drink at first, but your body will gradually become accustomed to that level over time.

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