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  1. Vitamin E deficiency in adults causes osteomalacia. a. True b. False
  2. Water-soluble vitamins are not toxic when taken in excess of the RDA because they are fully excreted.
  3. True b. False
  4. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. a. True b. False
  5. Vitamins are needed in very small amounts. a. True b. False
  6. Vitamins supply kcalories and energy to the body. a. True b. False
  7. Lycopene is the most abundant carotenoid. a. True b. False
  8. Water-soluble vitamins are more likely than fat-soluble vitamins to be needed in the diet on a daily basis.
  9. True b. False
  10. Vitamin B6 requires intrinsic factor to be absorbed. a. True b. False
  11. Thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin all play key roles as coenzymes in energy metabolism. a. True b. False
  12. Good sources of folate include green leafy vegetables, legumes, and orange juice.
  13. True b. False


  1. Name the vitamins described in the following.
  2. Which vitamin(s) is present only in animal foods?
  3. Which vitamin(s) is found in high amounts in pork and ham?
  4. Which vitamin(s) is found mostly in fruits and vegetables?
  5. Which vitamin(s) needs a compound made in the stomach to be absorbed?
  6. Which vitamin, when deficient, causes osteomalacia?
  7. Which vitamin is made from tryptophan?
  8. Which vitamin(s) is made by intestinal bacteria?
  9. Which vitamin(s) do you need more of if you eat more protein?
  10. Which vitamin(s) is needed for clotting?
  11. Which vitamin(s) is conditionally essential?
  12. Which vitamin(s) is known for forming a cellular cement?
  13. Which vitamin has a precursor called beta-carotene? m. Which vitamin is made in the skin?
  14. Which vitamin(s) is an antioxidant?
  15. Which vitamin(s) is needed for bone growth and maintenance?
  16. Which vitamin(s), when deficient, causes night blindness?
  17. Which vitamin(s) is purposely put into milk because there are no other good sources of it available?

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