Stimulant laxative

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stimulant laxative noun a substance that promotes bowel movement by stimulating the muscles of the intestine stiparogenic adjective used for describing food that tends to relieve constipation stiparolytic adjective used for describing food that tends to cause constipation stir verb to move a liquid or semiliquid food around so as to mix it or keep it mixed stir-fry verb to cook small thin pieces of meat or vegetables very rapidly using hot oil in a wok by continuously moving them and turning them over, a method widely used in Southeast Asian cooking stock noun 1. the quantity of goods or raw materials kept by a business 2. the goods in a warehouse or shop 3. liquid made from boiling meat, vegetables or bones in water, used as a base for soups and sauces ■ verb to hold goods for sale in a warehouse or store stock cube noun a small cube of dried and concentrated food extracts that, when added to hot water, makes a stock for use in soups, stews and sauces. Also called bouillon cube stockpot noun a large pot for cooking soups and stock stock syrup noun a basic sugar solution with many uses stodgy adjective used for describing food which is heavy and filling to eat and usually fairly tasteless stoma noun an opening created surgically, especially in the abdomen to allow a feeding tube to be inserted stomach noun 1. the part of the body shaped like a bag, into which food passes after being swallowed and where the process of digestion continues 2. the abdomen

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