Soluble adjective able to dissolve

soluble fibre noun a type of fibre in vegetables, fruit, pulses and porridge oats that is partly digested in the intestine and reduces the absorption of fats and sugar into the body, so lowering the level of cholesterol solution noun a mixture of a solid substance dissolved in a liquid solvent noun a liquid in which a solid substance can be dissolved somatotrophin noun a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that controls bone and tissue development somen noun fine wheat noodles sommelier noun the person in charge of ordering, storing and serving the wines in a restaurant

Sonoma diet noun a dietary plan based on the Mediterranean diet that also advocates portion size control sorbet noun sweet flavoured ice made with water and flavouring and sometimes cream sorbic acid noun a white crystalline solid acid found in the berries of the mountain ash tree, synthetically manufactured for use as a food preservative and fungicide sorbitan monolaurate

sorbitan monolaurate noun » E493 sorbitan mono-oleate noun » E494 sorbitan monopalmitate noun » E495 sorbitan monostearate noun » E491 sorbitan tristearate noun » E492

sorbitol noun a white crystalline sweet alcohol used as a sweetener and a moisturiser, and in the manufacture of vitamin C

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