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dessert noun a sweet dish eaten at the end of a meal dessert fork noun a small, three-pronged fork used for eating solid desserts such as cheesecake dessertspoon noun a spoon for eating desserts, smaller than a soup spoon but larger than a teaspoon deterioration noun the fact of becoming worse detox noun same as detoxification detoxication noun the process in which toxic compounds in the body are metabolised into ones that can be excreted detoxification noun 1. the process of removing a toxic substance from something or counteracting its toxic effects 2. the process of subjecting yourself to withdrawal from a toxic or addictive substance such as alcohol or drugs devein verb to remove the dark thready gut from the back of the tail meat of a prawn devil verb to cook or prepare a food with spicy seasonings devil's claw noun a plant of the sesame family with tuberous roots used for stimulating digestion (note: Its botanical name is Harpagophytum procumbens.)

dextran noun a branched polysaccharide produced by the action of bacteria on sucrose, used as a blood plasma substitute and a food additive dextrin noun a product that is an intermediate in the formation of maltose, used in syrups and beers dextrinisation noun > Maillard reaction dextrose noun same as glucose

DFD meat noun meat with a high pH due to lack of glycogen. Full form dark, firm, dry DfES abbreviation Department for Education and Skills

D-glucono-1,5-lactone noun a substance that is hydrolysed to produce gluconic acid

DH abbreviation 1. dermatitis herpetiformis 2. Department of Health

DHA noun a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid found in cold-water fish that has been linked to the reduction of cardiovascular disease and other health benefits. Full form docosahaexanoic acid dhal noun 1. a term used in South Asian cooking for dehusked and split pigeon peas, lentils or similar small pulses (note: From the Hindi word meaning 'to split'.) 2. a South Asian dish of cooked dehusked split pulses with aromatic flavourings, onions and other vegetables dhool noun tea leaves in their fresh state, before being dried for use di - prefix containing two atoms, radicals or groups diabetes noun any of a group of diseases in which the body cannot control sugar absorption because the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin. i> Type I diabetes, Type II diabetes diabetes mellitus noun the most common form of diabetes. i Type I diabetes, Type II diabetes

Diabetes UK noun a registered charity that funds research and raises awareness of diabetes diabetic food noun food with low carbohydrate and sugar levels suitable for diabetics diacetyl noun a substance produced in wine by lactic acid bacteria, which can make it unpleasantly sweet and buttery-tasting

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Detoxification and Weight Loss

Detoxification and Weight Loss

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