Alipogenic adjective not forming fat

alkali noun a substance that neutralises acids and forms salts alkaline phosphatase noun an enzyme that controls hydrolysis, used in the clinical diagnosis of many illnesses alkaline tide noun an increase in blood pH caused by the secretion of gastric acid alkalinity noun the concentration of alkali in a solution, measured in terms of pH

alkaloid noun a naturally occurring alkali in food, especially one that has an effect on the consumer allantoin noun the oxidation of uric acid allergen noun a compound that reacts with the proteins of the skin and mucous membranes of some people to cause rashes, irritation, asthma and other unpleasant symptoms (note: Typical food allergies occur with strawberries, eggs, milk, cereal, fish, peas and nuts.)

allergenic adjective producing or triggering an allergy allergenic potential noun an assessment of the potential of a GM food to produce an allergic reaction allergy noun a sensitivity to particular substances that causes an unpleasant physical reaction

Alliance for Health Professionals noun a trade union federation with members that include the British Dietetic Association. Abbreviation AHP

allicin noun the chemical compound in garlic that gives it its characteristic smell and taste

Allium noun the Latin name for a family of plants including the onion, leek, garlic and chives allogotrophia noun growth in one organ that occurs when nutrients from another organ leach into it allosteric adjective used for describing a binding site on an enzyme at which interaction induces altered activity at another site allotriogeusia noun a distorted sense of taste allotriophagy noun a desire for unusual foods allspice noun the ground dried berries of a tropical evergreen tree, used as a spice almond noun a sweet nut from the almond tree almond essence noun an alcoholic extract of fermented bitter almonds, used for giving an almond flavour to cakes and other foods (note: Some almond essences are made from apricot kernels.)

almond flavouring noun a synthetic chemical product with an almond flavour and smell, much cheaper than almond essence and commonly used as a substitute almond oil noun a delicate oil derived from bitter almonds, used in confectionery and for oiling dessert moulds

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