Sources of further information and advice

15.6.1 Literature

  • For an extensive review of the effects of freezing on the chemical and physical properties of foods see Low temperature preservation of foods and living matter (1973), edited by Fennema OR, Powrie WD and Marth EH, published by Marcel Dekker, New York.
  • For details of industry standards and procedures relating to frozen food see Recommendations for the Processing and Handling of Frozen Foods (1986), published by the International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris.
  • For a description of the effects of blanching, freezing and other processing steps on the nutritional value of individual vegetables see Handbook of vegetable science and technology (1998), edited by Salunkhe DK and Kadam SS, published by Marcel Dekker, New York.
  • For a summary of modern frozen food theory and practice see Maximising quality and stability of frozen foods (1999), edited by Kennedy CJ and Archer GP, published by the EU Concerted Action CT96-1180.
  • For more comprehensive reviews of frozen food theory and practice (including a review on nutritional aspects by Bender 1993, see references) see 'Frozen Foods Technology' (1993) edited by Mallett CP and published by Blackie Academic and Professional and 'Quality in Frozen Food' (1997), edited by Erickson MC and Hung Y-C, published by Chapman & Hall.

15.6.2 Trade organisations

Below are listed the trade organisations that are sources of general information on frozen food and the frozen food industry:

  • The British Frozen Food Federation at 3rd Floor, Springfield House, Springfield Business Park, Springfield Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 7BG. Email on
  • The (US based) National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association, at 4755 Linglestown Rd., Suite 300, P.O. Box 6069, Harrisburg, PA 17112. Email on
  • The American Frozen Food Institute at 2000 Corporate Ridge, Suite 1000, McLean, Virginia 22102. Email on http://[email protected]
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