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Sources of further information about the potential for nutritional enhancement can be found in reviews by Willis, Lencki and Marangoni (1998),38 Grusak and DellaPenna (1999),39 Dixon et al., (1996),40 Yamauchi and Minamikawa (1998).41 An overview of the subject is contained in Lindsay, D. G. (2000) 'Maximising the functional benefits of plant foods', in: Functional Foods. Chapter 8, edited by Williams, C. M. and Gibson, G. R., Woodhead Publishing Ltd. Cambridge, England. pp. 183-208. ISBN 1 85573 503 2.

A account of the issues to be addressed in tackling the nutritional enhancement of plants (including increasing levels of bioactive secondary metabolites) can be found in published reviews commissioned under the EU's concerted action project 'The Nutritional Enhancement of Plant Foods in European Trade (NEODIET)', 2000, J Sci Food & Agric. 80(7): 793-1137. Some of the issues raised in relation to the use of plant biotechnology in food and feed production are discussed in papers contained in a special edition of Science (Plant Biotechnology: Food & Feed, 1999, Science 285: 367-389).

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