Terms Used to Describe the Functions of Food Additives

101 Toxic Food Ingredients

101 Toxic Food Ingredients

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Anticaking and free-flow agents Antimicrobial agents


Colors and coloring adjuncts

Curing and pickling agents Dough strengtheners Drying agents

Emulsifiers and emulsifier salts

Enzymes Firming agents

Flavor enhancers

Flavoring agents and adjuvants Flour-treating agents Formulation aids

Fumigants Humectants

Leavening agents

Lubricants and release agents Nonnutritive sweeteners Nutrient supplements Nutritive sweeteners Oxidizing and reducing agents pH-control agents Processing aids

Propellants, aerating agents, and gases Sequestrants

Solvents and vehicles Stabilizers and thickeners

Surface-active agents

Surface-finishing agents



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