Poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), industrial chemicals; chlorinated hydrocarbons, which may cause cancer when taken into the food supply

Sources of contamination to humans include:

  1. Contaminated foods
  2. Mammals or birds that have fed on contaminated foods of fish
  3. Residues on foods that have been wrapped in papers and plastics containing PCBs
  4. Milk from cows that have been fed silage from silos coated with PCB-containing paint; and eggs from layers fed feeds contaminated with PCBs

Clinical effects on people are: An eruption of the skin resembling acne, visual disturbances, jaundice, numbness, and spasms. Newborn infants from mothers who have been poisoned show discoloration of the skin, which regresses after 2 to 5 months. PCBs are fat soluble

PCBs are widespread Their use by industry is declining

Salt (NaCl/ sodium chloride) poisoning

Consumption of high-salt food and beverages

Salt may be toxic (1) when it is fed to infants or others whose kidneys cannot excrete the excess in the urine or (2) when the body is adapted to a chronic low-salt diet

Salt is used all over the world. Hence, the potential for salt poisoning exists everywhere

Salt poisoning is relatively rare

Drink large quantities of fresh water

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